Facing the cold computer and living in bustle of the city every day, in order to calm the staff’s restless mind, we took the company’s special car to “Ruihongyuan Farm” to live close to nature and feel the beauty of nature.

It was noon when we arrived at our destination. Before we started to get close to nature, we ate a big meal first. For lunch, we experienced the local specialties, such as chicken, duck and fish, as well as various fruits and dessert snacks, which brought us an infinite surprise and enjoyed the rural customs.

In this hot summer, I looked up at the blue sky and white clouds. In the afternoon, I visited the green and pollution-free ecological vegetable base of agriculture and the production and planting of natural farm products to understand the vegetable planting process.

I felt the pleasure of farming life by digging the soil, planting vegetables and pollinating the Buddha fruit.There was also a large fish pond on the farm, but unfortunately we didn’t bring fishing gear.

In the evening, the partners began to work together to wash dishes, string dishes, and prepare dinner barbecue activities.A group of small partners sit together to celebrate, brush the pot, barbecue, the fatigue of a day is dissipated by delicious food, only gluttony feast.