Life is not only work, but also poetry and distance. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, strengthen the cohesion of the company and increase the happiness of employees, the company organizes all members to take a trip to Yunnan without delay.

There was a small incident in this trip. Our scheduled flight broke down, so we waited until early morning to successfully register for departure. We arrived in Yunnan at 8 o ‘clock the next morning in a clear breeze.Later, Max said that he was a little nervous at that time. He was afraid that his colleagues would not enjoy themselves because of a small accident.

After landing, we were still very excited and had some breakfast without rest. Then we went to our first stop [Erhai ].Erhai is the second largest lake in Yunnan next to the Dian Lake and ranks the 7th among the fresh water lakes in China.We walk along theErhai Lake, embracing the wind, laughing, very comfortable!The second stop we went to Lugu Lake , beautiful mountains and waters, the next few days we also went to the ancient city of Lijiang, Dongba secret, took a yacht, but also took many beautiful photos.

This trip not only enriches the staff’s spare time life, but also enables them to experience the warmth and care of the company. It also allows them to relax themselves, cultivate their sentiments and devote themselves to their work with greater enthusiasm.

A colleague commented that she had wanted to travel to Yunnan for a long time, but had no chance. She did not think that the company had fulfilled her wish.