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With ten years of experience in OEM & ODM Smart Watch manufacturing, Maxtop has successfully built up its reputation for high accuracy smartwatches in a vertical market. We are offering consumer smart watch for large online stores, physical store, big watch brands, but also providing smart wearable solutions for healthcare, nursing home, smart campus, etc… Our investment in the latest technology also ensures that we can offer competitive pricing to our customers. 8 automated production lines allow us to achieve a greater output while maintaining the same high-quality product. Now,  the annual production capacity of the Maxtop custom smartwatch and smart bracelet exceeds 3 million units.

Some Items That The Watch Can Be Customized

MOQ: 1000PCS

√ Printed logo on the back case & buckle
√ OEM package & user manual with your brand
√ Custom color of strap and case (regular colors)

MOQ: 3000PCS

√ Smart watch software customization
√ Watch dial customization
√ Bluetooth name customization
√ Custom power (on/off ) logo
√ Languages

MOQ: 5000-10000PCS

√ Smart watch UI customization
√ Bulit-in APP customization

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Size: 0.96″ and 1.14″ are the most common size for smart band or small screen smartwatch style. 1.09″, 1.28″, 1.3″, 1.4 are the main size for round and square shapes. 1.54″ and 1.69″ are for big-screen smartwatches. 
Material: The common screen material is IPS, TFT, LCD, and OLED.
Resolution: 240*240 dpi is the most common resolution; It also has 240*320 or 320*320 dpi and has lower like 80*160dpi; this also depends on the size of the display. 
Touch-type: Full touch or single touch. Most of our smartwatches are in full touch; the user will have a better experience with full touch. 


Capacity: 90mah, 200mah, and 300mah are the common capacity for small smartwatches or smart bracelets.
Working time: Smartwatch working time from 1-30 days based on different solution and how many sensors keeps working. Like GPS, Wifi takes lots of power consumption. CPU solution also can affect the working time of the smartwatch.
Standby time: most smartwatch standby times can be 20-50 days.
Charing Way
Support magnetic charging and USB charging.
CPU is one of the most crucial parts for smartwatch cost and quality because it decides the hardware quality, software, and App. If you want to provide high accuracy data like heart rate or SPO2 to your customers, contact Maxtop to get a high-quality CPU solution.

Watch Case Material

CNC: polished CNC case is the best for a smartwatch and anti-corrosion in touch application. A rigid outlook is more suitable for business people. It is usually made for a luxury watch brand.
Aluminum alloy: this is the most common use for a smartwatch for middle-level, very light and elegant, suitable for any strap-like silicone or leather strap.
Plastic: some customers prefer plastic, but outlook like alloy, lightest weight and durable to use, lower cost than other watch case material.
Material: TPU, silicone, and leather as standard materials for our smartwatch.
Width: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm
Length: 255mm, adjustable between 155-235mm.


Why Choose Maxtop As Your Smartwatch Manufacturer?

 Smartwatch Hardware Solution

We offer OEM smartwatch service with a strong designing and producing capacity.  Establishing your smartwatch brand is easy with Maxtop’s help. Maxtop has helped over 300 customers implement their custom smartwatch projects using its smartwatch hardware solutions. 

customized smart watch

Quality Ensured by Five Procedures

IQC: All raw materials are checked by IQC with advanced testing machines before putting into production

QC: QC on the production line will 100% inspect all semi-finished and finished products online.

IPQC: IPQC will supervise the workers to operate exactly according to SOP and randomly inspect the products online.

QA: All goods will be 100% inspected by QA after aging testing and before package.

OQC: All ready goods will be inspected by OQC according to AQL before shipment, including function, appearance, and package.

Advanced Test Equipment