A true smart watch must have a wealth of smart functions to meet people’s pursuit of “smart life”. In addition, it must have the basic functions of a watch, otherwise it cannot be called a smart watch.

1. Intelligent function

In general, smart watches should have some or all of the smart functions such as interaction and entertainment functions, monitoring and reminding functions, and navigation functions.

Interaction and entertainment functions: realize intelligent connection with mobile phones, WIFI, APP, etc., and support receiving emails and text messages. If these connection functions are lacking, it will likely cause users to miss important information and calls, which is contrary to the pursuit of smart life and fun.

Monitoring and reminder function: monitor exercise status and health status, such as sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, exercise data recording, etc., to provide certain help for users to adjust their work and rest and cultivate good exercise habits.
Navigation function: Carry out accurate navigation to provide convenience for the user’s life;

2. Basic functions of the watch

Display time, date and other functions
Only with the above-mentioned functions at the same time can it be called a smart watch.

Sports, health and life categories: Which category do you prefer?Sports: The sedentary function reminder, you can freely set the sedentary time interval reminder, so that you can consciously get up and exercise after sitting for a long time, so as to better avoid the sub-health state caused by work. It not only has a variety of built-in exercise modes, A GPS positioning system is also added, which can accurately record your movement track and tell you the calories burned.