Public Welfare


Maxtopfamily is an internal family organization. Employees and their families are family members.

Many of our employees have to themselves in rural China, most parents are farming is given priority to, no stable pensions and perfect social security and insurance, when a major disease can bring large economic pressure to the family, so we have fixed for our staff to pay a fixed monthly public welfare fund, to help our employees and family members in the event of a major disease when Maxtop Family can give corresponding economic aid, to help the family to share part of the economic burden, this is we set up the organization’s purpose.

For this reason, the foundation has helped more than 10 people since the company was founded in 2012. Moreover, the fund has never been interrupted and the funds have been misappropriated even in the difficult period of the company’s development since the company was founded.

With the continuous development of the enterprise, we hope that in the future, we can not only help our internal employees but also make more contributions to society, carrying the social mission of the enterprise and the founding purpose of Maxtopfamily: share sunshine, share happiness and share love.